Sterling Wind Harps

        Set Your Spirit Free 

                                                       through the mystical harmonies of Sound

Welcome to our Contemporary Aeolian Wind Harps, —  an ancient stringed instrument that sings unchained melodies which capture the wild and free spirit of the wind.

 Sterling Wind Harps TM      (AKA. Harmony Wind Harps)

Song Of the Seasons- Wind Harp

Designed and hand-fabricated by Ross S. Barrable, an acoustic sculptor/harpist who has three decades of experience developing and refining his art-form.  Sterling Wind Harps can transform your outdoor space into an intimate and magical oasis that supports your connection between heart, mind and spirit.

These contemporary Aeolian metal Wind Harps interact with gentle breezes to play completely unique music.

“The first time I heard a wind harp it fully captivated my imagination and heart. I felt I was listening to a choir of angels.”

Sterling Wind Harps currently adorn more than 250 public and private landscape environments. These aeolian harp sound sculptures by design create a dynamic and resonant focal point that engages your senses, stills the mind and calls forth a greater awareness to celebrate the freedom of spirit.


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