We have a complete line of custom made wind harps available. The  featured wind harps below are for sale and ready to ship within 2-3 weeks.

Create a living Sound-Garden that feeds your body mind and spirit with  more balance, harmony and a sense of connection with the beauty of nature.

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The “Song of the Spirit”- Wind Harp

Specs: Song of the Spirit :
Overall Height ~ 10.5 feet
Materials- Alloy Alum.  harp structure  and steel base
Strings- 18 ,  stainless tuners
Finish- Powder coated – earth  tones as shown

Price: $12,500.00

call now to order; 970-946-5879






The Klarion Call I – Wind Harp

Specs:  Klarion Call I :
Height – 53 inches
Materials -Alloy Alum.-  Stainless  Tuners
Finish – Powder Coated

Price: $1850.00  without Base,  $2,300.00 with  4′ base base shown below on Klarion II

Call now to order: 970-946-5879






The Klarion Call II Wind Harp

Klarion Call II

Specs Klarion Call II :
Height – Harp-5.5′ , Base -4′, Overall-9.5 feet
Materials – Alum. / steel

9 strings – stainless  tuners
Finish – powder coated

Price:  $ 2,800.00 with  4′  Base

Call now to order: 970-946-5879


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